About us

Q&A Door Chimes are manufactured of premium grade cow hide leather on which we have riveted pure Solid Brass Sleigh Bells.  Please make no mistake that these are not your average/cheap jingle bells, but these are handmade pure Solid Brass Sleigh Bells.

For many years our pure Solid Brass Sleigh bells have been on display all across America, however Q&A Door Chimes, has now brought the superior quality cow hide leather with antique looking pure Solid Brass Sleigh Bells at very competitive prices directly to the consumers.

All our door chimes fit standard door knobs so that you do not need to worry about sizing.

These gorgeous hand-made Solid Brass Sleigh Bells not only look good but will also give a very distinct sound when the door opens. They are extremely affordable and offer a beautiful way to alert you whenever the door to your house, warehouse or retail space has been opened.